Monday, May 11, 2009

Soccer, pain and stress

This friday 15th May 2009, Uganda's soccer powerhouse KCC FC takes on a certain bayelsa from Nigeria....I hope i have spelt it right. You know the"Ki-Nigeria" accent can be a mouthful. Any how, am more concerned about the current soccer craze in Uganda like many other areas of the world. When a young man in Raila's backyard ends his life after a dodgy display by his club, then you know how serious this is. Over the weekend i had the luxury of joining some locals in the dodgy but hugely popular video halls commonly known as "Bibanda" in Kampala. The investor who owns this spot complained that the turn up for the Arsenal-Chelsea game was dismal because according to him the bulk of the Arsenal fans like their Chelsea counterparts had lost faith in results. These fans had been subjected to lossess mid week in the champions league and the pain they had caused their followers showed no signs of subsiding. I imagined this is a stress management decision by the fans. It can be very painful having glueing your eyes to that screen when your team is being taken to the cleaners in a football match. I understand the pain. It reminds me of the KCC-El Merrikh game at Nakivubo when the homeside conceded a goal. I saw a guy throw off his girlfriend's arms from his shoulders. This pain and stress can be infectious. For those of you who will be at Nakivubo on Friday, lets spur on KCC all the way.

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