Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Not washed out yet

Not even the floods can deter our movement. Its about time for society to tame weather instead of being at the recieving end of its vagaries. Without this, the tropics will be a safe haven for poverty and under-development.

The curse of the tropics

"Wanainchi" navigate through one of the many new rivers created by the August rains running riot in the northern and Eastern heavens of the Pearl of Africa.

In Heaven There is no Beer!

Gurus of liquor consumption do what they do best:

Defending Uganda's boozing gold medal.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Supporting the cause

A BIG "thank you" to the NGO sector for filling in where society is undergoverned by the powers that be. Big USAID, UNICEF,IMC and WFP.

Wonder tree

This "wonder tree" is older than anyone known to be alive today in Uganda. It is believed to be over 100 years old. It collapsed several decades ago and regenerated to its current size.

A lighter moment

The learning process never ends. One of man's distant cousins attempts to ride a bicycle.

Journey to Damascus

Its a long way to prosperity. A deserted bushy road in Northern Uganda. When primitive accumulation of wealth infects a people, such dismal levels of infrastructural development should not strike you by suprise.

Tayari for CHOGM. Are u?

Innocent and Elegant! Isn't she?

Ready for CHOGM indeed

When you have over 1.6 million wanainchi living in squalid conditions up north, and kids wearing such faces, and you are indifferent, then you know Butabika hospital is not enough. We need a new VIP mental referall hospital. Don't we?

We are ready for CHOGM

UGANDA: Ready for CHOGM. This is the next miss Uganda-2020 and she is ready for CHOGM like Maggie Kigozi.

Nasasira's roads

Can u imagine that Eng. John Nasasira's ministry built this road? Someone tell him to visit this site. Maybe we can use this image for the "Ready for Chogm campaign". We are ready indeed. MY FOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Resilience and determination

Am the dare devil. Guess where this picture was taken from? Apart from the bit of the Codan radio in our vehicle, do you see the gallant UPDF infront. This is bounty hunting.

Today's victims, Tomorrow's heroes

Children innocently bask on the terraces of the River Aringa en-route to Mucwini from Kitgum town. They maybe the victims of today's tragedy in the north but certainly they will be the protagonists of tomorrow's Uganda.

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