Sunday, April 21, 2013

Reggae Sunday

For a longtime I've always disguised my love for reggae music. This Sunday decided to wake up and shuffle through my collection ranging from roots, lovers rock, dancehall et al. There is this song by Chezidek...Farai war. It reminds me of one of those supremacy sounds non-stop wicked mixes...I think it was Missile 46 or something.

Talking about Farai war...the world just got crazy. Went to bed last nite with the news that 2 Ugandan politicians were languishing in some Mumbai jail allegedly as a result of attempting to extort US$20 million  from some indian investors. Well, without delving into the reality of that case, I  just wish them a speedy return home. The earth just got redder and Babylon got closer than you can imagine.

Let me enjoy my reggae Sunday with my two in-house "revolutionaries"...too young yet to get that title but not to early to impose it upon them.

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