Saturday, July 28, 2007


Representing my grandfather's oratory prowess.

The need for social redemption

Social redemption? Does the need for it ring a bell in your head? Then just maybe we need it. I think we do. What do you think? A group of NGO colleagues pose with children in an IDP camp in Northern Uganda. A smile can reduce distress and togetherness can break down those barriers between us.

Shelter does not make a home

Looking at these structures in the IDP camps and the life there-in, i was left with just one lamentation: Shelter does not make a home. There is no way these grass thatched structures can be a home to the multitudes who take refuge in them. The small white structures in the foreground are some of the emergency latrines built by the NGOs that have tried to supplement government's efforts. Hygiene and sanitation remain as huge a challenge to the people in this camp (Omiya Anyima) as eating an elephant is to a lion.

Don't turn your backs

Much as i was standing with my back to the camp, i honestly hope that our attitude will not be that of turning our backs to the challenges that continue to bedevil our brothers and sisters. On this particular day the winds were blowing so hard. Its hands were shaking all in its way including my garments. Just look at the background and think of those who call these squalid hoods their home. Don't you think such images are a sad commentary on the history of this nation?

Bird's Eye view

This is a bird's eye view of Omiya Anyima-one of the camps in Northern Uganda. Of late i've been thinking that much as the life in the camps is horrible, publicity can instigate change, i actually think if some of these pics are used for post cards, some money could be raised to help these folks. If you share my view, holla at me:

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The sky is the limit

A graphical illustration of just how true or high the sky can be the limit.
Remember all this is still Agoro, part of Acholiland in Uganda. Behold the beauty of the motherland.

More industrialism

More images of the production chain.
Anyhow now i have a deeper insight into why Uganda is ranked highly with honour as a land of drunkards. An

honour indeed!

Industrialism amidst unrest

The Brewery.

Maybe the small scale production process in the camps can actually be tapped into and made bigger: A pervasive thought, isn't it? Who knows, maybe one day northern Uganda will be the portugal of Africa- a great craddle of wines and spirits. What do you think? So we shall have a spirit called Letter O instead of Jack Daniels. Or maybe we shall have "Apye-Anyoni" instead of "Guiness the power".

Talk of hoping against hope!

Civil Unrest and Drunkenness

Brewery: A booming offshoot of the war industry. A woman spreads fermented flour for the next production process.
Drunkenness remains a stern shadow scar of the civil unrest that had bedeviled Acholiland. Several women rely on brewing local alcohol otherwise philosophically referred to as "apye-anyoni". The resultant effect is a bunch of drunken husbands who spend more time drunk than sober.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Deplorable sanitation

Children swim in a river in Agoro. A new generation of great swimmers may effectively improve our future medal hopes in olympics, and one of these kids may be the next African Ian Thorpe or maybe not just Eric the eel. But at what cost, in such circumstances?

How safe are these heroes and heroines of tomorrow? I leave it to you to decipher.

Contemporary explorer

For those of you who last saw me ages ago, am still in the business-bounty hunting.
Am here to thrive not survive. Here i was in Agoro-over 480 km from Kampala doing nothing but gathering ideas, as usual. In the background is the IDP camp in the locality.

Where the land meets the skies


Just check out the rendezvous between land and sky.
Amazing, isn't it?

Beauty in the air

Just look at the undulating hills in the background. Don't you just think this place is indeed a revelation to some of you arm chair readers and speculators?

The beautiful scenery

Look at the misty hills in the background. Note that beyond those hills lies the vast Southern Sudan. In the foreground is the IDP camp.

Beautifiul scenery

Still in Agoro, the scenery should demystify Kabale-an area once considered the most beautiful part of Uganda by a section of several poorly travelled fellas. Look at this beautiful scenery in Agoro and tell me what you think. I think Uganda is indeed gifted by nature though spoilt by a few Ugandans who have made it hard for some of you to reach Agoro and stare at the beauty of the landsacpe.

Agoro in pictures

This time am not delving into stories because the pictures here speak volumes. Am more interested in your feedback. You can drop me an e mail at

I was in Agoro, some IDP camp a stone's throw away from thje Uganda-Sudan boarder. I got a chance to capture alot of memories in pictures. From the beautiful scenery to the poor sanitation to the congestion and to the alcoholism.

Give me your feedback.

Nice viewership.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beauty amidst wretchedness

Today i will not delve into details of my recent fact finding field visit in northern Uganda, but i'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I would rather you give me your honest opinion about what you see by e- mailing me at

These pictures are taken from Agoro, one of the IDP camps in Kitgum district close to the boarder of Uganda and Sudan.

I now let you into the world of Agoro in pictures.

Enjoy and reflect as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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