Monday, January 28, 2008

"With my animals, the world is at my feet" A proud warrior in Karamoja's ancestral savannas.

Fashion at its best

"Take an image of us back to your land" These seem to be the silent words of these friendly warriors. Check out the tall guy in the middle, his outfit is my pick of January 2008.

Animals and animals

Karimojong herdsmen proudly interact with their diverse set of animals. I love their sense of style. You know proper style should be appropriate. Having men in skirts especially when its so hot is biologically, socially and gender friendly.

Beauty queens in Karamoja

Whoever thought Karamoja is all about wars, rustling and cows should think twice. Beauty queens are in abundance too.

Warriors in Karamoja

A group of Karimojong warriors strike a pose for a photo session. Did you ever know that cameras can disarm? Someone tell the UPDF.

The centre of attraction

From a distance, it all seemed small and insignificant. But as we drew closer, the reality was indeed a new revelation. One of the numerous hills in Acholiland, Northen Uganda.

God's creation

When i presented pictures of Agoro hills in Kitgum last year, many of my ardent readers and viewers thought Agoro was the best. Little did they know that this land called Acholiland has far reaching beauty.

From a distance

So many hundreds of metres deep down the foot of this hill, rural folks go about their usual business. Ladies and Gentlemen, try your guess as to where exactly in Acholiland, this picture was taken.

Beauty undefiled!

I have always insisted that whoever is ill-travelled will think such beautiful scenaries only exist in certain parts of the world and not nothern Uganda. Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the beauty of one of the many eye-catching hills of Acholiland.

Water crisis

A young man quenches his thirst at a spring in Lira. How safe are the consumers of water from such unprotected sources? I wonder what happened to the PAYE that is creamed off my salary every month!

And what next after eating?

Alot of food aid might be given to these needy IDPs but after eating and digestion has taken its course, where should they go for natur's call. A delapidated latrine in one of the IDP camps in southern Pader district stares at you in the face.

Thirsty? You are not alone

Even as the rains continue to water some parts of the country, water remains a huge need of the IDPs in northern Uganda. In this picture, long qeues remain a characteristic of the masses' determination to access water. What happened to the millions of dollars in grants and aid to the water sector in Uganda. My fellas in DWD, pliz holla back.

The Return of Lwani

After over 2 months' AWOL, Lwani returns, this time, even bigger and better. As some of you enjoy the onset of a new year, situations are not anybetter in northern Uganda. An entire generation continues to live in betrayal. However, some of us continue to act as a voice for these innocent souls. Fellow humans, let the plight of these children not only be known, but be heard. The struggle continues.

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