Thursday, February 21, 2008

Exclusive on Lwani

As usual, Lwani brings you exclusive photos. A group of LRA rebels were captured in this un-dated photo treking through the jungles in an undisclosed location.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On their way home?

An un-dated photo shows a section of LRA gurus taking a walk in an undisclosed location. Watch the man in the middle ground with pips-"Odhiambo." He is the heir to the late Otti Vincent. Many people like me are hoping that these guys will soon walk back home not as rebels any more, but as ex-rebels.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Drumming up support for Plan B against LRA? Think Thrice!

As the war drums begin to gain momentum in Kampala, and many hearts throb faster at the mention of a purported plan B against the LRA, Lwani would like to remind you all about similar scenarios in 1998 and the infamous 2002 Operation "Iron Fist". The story is told in our village of a cat that set out to attack moles by poking its paws into a mole hole only for the moles to use another exit hole and begin to play with the kitten left behind.

The moral of the story: Experience shows that every time we think that we shall dismantle the LRA from their bases in south sudan and elsewhere, the spill over effect has been worse. Remember Barlonyo, Barlegi, Patongo, Pajong etc. the list is endless.

However, forewarned is forearmed.

Women driving the production process in Northern Uganda

A group of women engaged in charcoal burning and selling in an IDP camp in southern Pader district, northern Uganda, loading commodities onto a customer's pick-up truck.
As IDPs return home, i would like to commend the women in northern Uganda for strongly standing besides their families at the forefront of the production processes against all odds.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Animal captivity

Can u see the lady on the tree? A monkey stares at me.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Crisis of Public transport in Northern Uganda

The Aswa River Bridge along the Gulu-Kitgum highway. Safety has been hurled to the doldrums and with such dismal standards of infrastructure, both passengers and investors in the public transport industry in the region are at a huge risk.

The Crisis of Public transport in Northern Uganda

The Crisis of Public transport in Northern Uganda

"Fix yourself here"-A passenger seems to be telling another. These folks were my fellow passengers over the weekend as i traveled from Kitgum to Pader in a bid to have a feel of what the local populace goes through while in transit using public means.

Such sights are close to normal in many areas of the Ugandan countryside, but very few of you could have attempted to have a feel of whats its like perching on a truck, clinging to a bicycle or to another luggage. Over the weekend, i not only witnessed, but also had a feel of what its like traveling from Kitgum to Pader and HORRIBLE is the word that can just attempt to describe it. Kids wailing and mothers pleading on their behalf while chicken "wail" in agony. That was the scenario. I had the chance to take a few pics during my journey and share it with you.

My concern though is the crisis of public transport in northern Uganda. Very few entrepreneurs are willing to sink their capital in a transport belt characterized by bad roads. Its a shame that beyond Gulu, there are no tarmac roads . The few that look like tarmac in Kitgum are actually patched roads that always keep the works department of the local government justifying heavy expenditure on road works.

This is therefore a plea for responsive and responsible governance lest road carnage will always be the theme song of the populace up north.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Its very strange to say "Listen to my pictures" but today i received an e-mail from a long lost OB, who asked me why i was not putting my good writing skills to use. I told him to visit Lwani for my official response.

Everybody else seems to be writing and very few of you seem to be reading all the many writings. This partially explains why so many newspapers, blogs and other publications have closed shop within a few months of their inauguration, except Lwani.

It is on the basis of this that i developed this philosophy-speaking and speaking very loudly through pictures.

Comrades, at Lwani, the pictures communicate effectively. So Listen to my pictures.

Opinion Poll

Lwani is compiling a list of the 10 most bizzare happenings that have plagued the Pearl of Africa in the past 22 years. All your suggestions should be e-mailed to

In solidarity with our brothers in Kenya

Ever since the mayhem in Kenya began, Lwani has not commented on it. This however is not to say that here at Lwani we are not concerned. It hurts so much to see a hitherto role model state plunge itself into the abyss of chaos, uncertainity and bloodshed.

To all of you brothers and sisters who live in nations that are being run by power hungry despots, "Be weary of the stick that is used to hit your co-wife because it might be used to hit you too". Those were the words of my grandfather who once upon a time lived in Lukulya.

Ponder upon those words and don't shut up. ACT and ACT now!!!

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