Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oweka Daniel.......Congs!

Inspite of the long spell of silence, Lwani returns to pay tribute to a certain Mr. Oweka Daniel- a young diligent man who dons his graduation gown this Friday 27th Februray 2009 in an academic ritual commemorating his successes. Omera Oweka, you are the epitome of the largely untold and countless miletsones that the John Apire Otto family has strode over the past decade and a half. Seeing your face today reminds many of the little brilliant courageous man you were in 1998 when the urgly hands of death stole Mr. Otto and robbed the family of its head. However, this friday we unite in tears of joy not sadness, in drones of determination no sorrow and in anticipation of greater heights not fear. To me especially, i salute you Oweka....."Tic cingi ber, ryeko ni obedo yweka wa.....wamari mada!"

One Love.....By the way, your pictures will grace Lwani next week...a drammatic return..isn't it?

Happy Celebrations.

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