Friday, January 8, 2010

Angee wei Koko (Lamentation of a casanova)

Ceng ki kweri kwee.......
Angee wei koko
Ceng ki kweri kwee........
Angee wei koko
Ceng ki kweri kwee ni pe imit nyako ni
Odoko too ot yo
Angee wei koko
Odoko too ot
Lurema ceng ojuka ni pe amit nyako ni
Odoko ket keny ya
Angee wei koko
Odoko ket keny ba
Ceng ki kwera kwee ni pe adony i ot i
Odoko ket keny ya

As you continue to guess which lingua am using today, wonder no more. This is lep Acholi..the language of the Acholi. These are lyrics to a popular song in which the singer laments "the death of a homestead"accruing to his refusal to heed to advice against falling in love with a certain girl. With the rising HIV/AIDS infection rates in Uganda today, such messages are crucial for behaviour change.

Otole: The Warrior Dance

These pictures were taken in Attiak in 1954.

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