Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When Uganda's moral rot becomes acceptable

Last night Kagu was on BBC busy defending the appointment of his sweetheart to the cabinet. It got me thinking about disinhibition in epemiology....when continuos exposure to an epidemic breeds a false sense of immunity and a decrease in conviction. In the same vein i think Uganda's moral fabric has degenerated so much that corruption has become our next door neighbour with whom we live in harmony. If appointing a relative to a public office can pass for purpoted competence of that relative then what is nepotism? There is certainly a different definition for it in Uganda. When billions of shillings are stolen by your brother and you claim to have forgiven him because he apologised, in Uganda thats being considerate. In Uganda if you steal money from public cauffers and build mansions on Kampala's swamps, you are simply a nationalist because you are re-investing that money within Uganda. If the president is towing an unrealistic policy line and you try to talk him out of it or criticize it, then you are unpatriotic. Pearl of Africa indeed. I pity the old widow next door whose attempts to secure legal transfers of her late husband's belongings through the adminitstrator general's office have stalled because the Men in Black at the office are demanding some "chai" lest her files are shelved to gather dust. All these urgly happenings thrive under our noses. If you are a pearl in this Pearl, RISE UP to the challenge....stop lip service.

Of NGOs that are being bitten by the economic depression

The onset of the economic depression had left many thinking of its effect on private sector agencies. Not alot of thought has been spared on its ravages on the humanitarian aid world. Now word reaching Lwani is that the economic depression has finally touched down at the backyards of some reputable NGOs in Uganda. Apparently the worst hit has been a sports NGO somewhere on one of the hills of Kampala. Its no laughing matter. Some fellas in one of the reputable UN donor agencies in Kampala decided to connive with accomplices in one of the key government ministries to source for a new implementing partner at the expense of this sports NGO. As at week 2 of March, staff at this NGO are in panic as rumours of lay-offs is rife. Apparently the bosses at this NGO are actually very cagy over the issue. May you please pray for these folks.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mr. D's grad ritual...Lwani takes you behind the scenes

Talk of the ritual seems to surface every other time. Apparently alot happened behind the scenes during Mr. D's grad ritual. From non-sober belles to sweaty ones....talk of being spoilt for choice! For starters Mr. D is the man of the moment...Just google him. As usual lwani is everywhere.

Beach Volleyball in Uganda: Fun, shapes and sizes

The heat in Kampala must by now be a concern for not just the wanainchi around but the more professional environmentalists as well. I actually spend most of my weekend days in-doors save for one of my recent weekends when i really got tempted and lifted out of my weekend comfort zone to what turned out to be a real fun event. Lido beach in Ebbz was the destination and beach volleyball was the event. The heat of the day was perfectly countered by the sight and natural scents of well dressed beach volleyballers. Most revellers including my camera were more glued to the ladies' than the men's games. Don't ask what yours truly concentrated on......As usual, Lwani brings you the pictures....Lets share the fun though belatedly...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Uganda's chatrooms-real recipe for hot gossip

For a long time i have been a keen "roomie" in some of Uganda's leading chat rooms and i always end up laughing at my computer while my office mates keep wondering what am up to. This the place where people know who is dating who,who slept with what kind of woman and who is spying for the state. Its a virtual "Big Brother House" situation. It could actually be a good "lab" for studying human relations....Someone fund this!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Synopsis of "The ritual"

Synopsis indeed! First the fanfare and glamour accompanying the graduands then the fans were let loose. The latter- loose letting reminds me of an old man's assertion that today's youth dance antics are reminiscent of anthill climbers....apparently the "good old days" were more fluidy and full of tact...Am i to agree or disagree? But overall...it stood up to its simplicity and lived up to its billing. Hey...i almost forgot this...A colleague on that night told me "Alcohol and chics do not mix"....Anyhow he had just witnessed chics get dirty after shaking one too few bottles by their waists.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A new generation indeed!

Pictures first, words later.

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