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Karamoja: Beautiful land, Beautiful people...

Over the years many ill-travelled and knowledge-cripled persons hand groups have held Karamoja in contempt. To them its a barren land without anything good. Its hightime such fellas faced the truth. Visiting Karamoja in 2008 for me was the most notable highlight. It was an opportunity not just to visit the beautiful land that Karamoja is, but interact with its beautiful people as well. As usual, Lwani lets the pictures do the talking.....Listen to my pictures.
A view of the beautiful landscape in Nakapiripirit
A dry river bed along the Nakapiripirit-Moroto highway. In Karamoja, seasonal rivers are not a strange phenomenon. During the dry season, this is how the river bed looks like. Ever imagined walking on a river bed? Look no further than Karamoja during the dry season.
Amidst the semi-aridness of the area, Karamoja habours pockets of all-year-round water points and this particular one is quite functional for these children's swimming escapades.

Children in one of the many play fields in Karamoja enjoy a game of soccer inspite of the hot sun.

Award winning photo! This serves to show that the determination to succeed is a virtue. This boy epitomises this notion.
Curiousity is a drive to learn. These children have an immense capacity to learn.

Soccer, like many other team sports, unites humans and transcends ethnic, socio-economic, religious and any other divides. Children in Karamoja enjoy a game of soccer. Who knows, the next Ronaldinho may be in the offing from this part of the world.

Beautiful landscape.

The beautiful game played in the land with a beautiful landscape. Soccer in Karamoja is what you are looking at in this picture.

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