Monday, July 20, 2009

A glamour of hope

People, my silence does in no way imply that I had been crunched by you know what or who for that matter. Far from that I interfaced with strange but promising realities right here in my backyard. For a long time i had always thought tha when fish rots from the head, the whole body is gone, little did i know that a few parts can hold normalcy. A couple of months ago i embarked on a journey to guage not if but how ill the Ugandan society is. It was clear that large chunks of its socio-cultural fabric is indeed gone. The system actually thrives on its ills rather than falling by it. This is a new paradigm in public management discourse. The bureacracy can be inept and ill but continues to thrive on those very ills. However, i was stunned by one of the public sector arms that still cherishes competence and merit as its modus operandi. And at that point, I gladly announce my career leap from the NGO world to the public sector. Aluta Continua!

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