Monday, May 11, 2009

Fear, Hope and Humiliation: The main variables at play in Uganda’s political arena

As the 2011 elections or “erections” as some mother tongue influences dictate, draws closer, tales of accusations, counter accusations and the sprouting of splinter groups are abound in the media in Uganda. When Besigye coos, Museveni imagines he has barked and vice versa. When FDC flaps its wings, UPC feels it has been scratched. On the fringes, a certain Namisango O.K has created some Federo alliance of sorts. All this activity smacks of three things; Fear, Hope and Humiliation. The fear of losing power can magnify a molehill into a mountain while the hope for change can be misconstrued as an attempt to go against the big man. On the other hand no one wants to be humiliated. Who can stand his wife being raped in his face? Certainly since talks of erections or rather elections continues, we want no victims here….we must all win….Uganda must win.

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