Friday, December 5, 2008

The sacking Jamwa serves up even more double standards in Uganda’s anti-corruption pretences

Uganda today, 4th December 2008, woke up to news that National Social Security Fund boss, David Jamwa Chandi is actually a casualty of the sack apparently on the orders of a certain Suruma, the Finance minister. In all fairness, Lwani applauds all anti-corruption drives and condemns all pretences in that regard. While it cost the country money to save an accomplice in the Temangalo-gate scandal, the powers that be have decided to sacrifice a pawn, moreover one who turned the fortunes of the fund around. It’s in moments like these that Uganda’s purported anti-corruption initiatives pass for pretences. While the tax payer continues to lose billions of shillings to primitive accumulation of wealth, the gurus in the corridors and dining tables of Kyadondo would rather have the little chicken get eaten by a fox than save it. This is just one in many high profile corruption cases where the top dogs are saved and puppies’ necks are ripped off. While Bakoko Bakoru, former minister of Gender and Social Development had to flee the country on the back of similar questionable transactions involving the workers' fund and Onegi Obel had a stint in Luzira prison, a security minister was forgiven and earlier on, a first brother was also forgiven. Selective forgiveness seems to be the order of the day but for only those at the core irrespective of the magnitude of crime. This is symptomatic of the proverbial struggle of desperate classes that has dogged the progress of this country. Don’t you think it would have been more prudent for all involved in the scandal to vacate office? Your response, if in the affirmative, is as good as mine.

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