Friday, December 5, 2008

Luo music meets western fusion

Imagine the traditional "Lukeme" blending with a rock guitar. Someone actually turned that imagination into reality a long time ago. You should experience it.

For many years now, i have enjoyed the sounds of Geoffrey Oryema, a son of Acholi land who inspite of all the hardships he witnessed in his early life, has grown to exceptionally blend Luo music with western fusions in an awesome style. You can read more of this by following this link:

There is no doubt that Oryema is one of if not Uganda's best. While he has had little airplay on local Ugandan airwaves, he maintains a huge followership in Uganda. For starters, you have to listen or even watch him on You Tube, strumming his guitar and singing tunes like "Makambo", "Lapwony", "Africa calling", "Land of Anaka" it. The list is endless.

When you experience Oryema's music, you feel it run through not just your body but your soul as well. True to expectation, this is what happens when traditional luo music meets western fusion.

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