Monday, July 14, 2008

Ugandan Govt hospitals full of expired drugs

Its such a shame that several government hospitals, including Mulago, have huge stockpiles of expired drugs which could be dispensed to patients. In October 2007, Lwani brought to your attention the crisis in the health sector in Northern Uganda with the above picture being just a tip of the iceberg. In this picture, a section of several patients queue at a health Centre in Mucwini, Kitgum district, Northern Uganda all hoping to see the lone nursing assistant manning the health centre. In several cases their visits are futile because the nurse gets tired and goes away leaving these patients helpless. Today the Monitor newspaper reports that huge stockpiles of drugs have expired before reaching the multitudes of indisposed Ugandans. What a shame! Malinga and Zaramba should step up their monitoring and evaluation lest the Ugandan health sector is running closer to the dogs.

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