Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Of Uganda's Loud-Mouthed Billionaires

Some of you must have heard about Gordon Wavamunno's net worth being declared at about 150 million dollars by none other than himself. Apparently the man wakes up undecided about which car to drive or which 10, 000 dollar suit to wear. I hear some of these billionaires houses are so huge that when Mr. Kaguta flies overhead, he mistakes them for vocational schools. How i wish the donors paid more attention to these tales of lavishness amidst spiralling poverty in this nation. How i wish some of these money bags gurus could donate 1/1000 of their dime for procuring mosquito nets for the multitudes of kids dying in the rural hells of this country. Who knows, some of these kids having been snatched from the fangs of death by the gurus would provide casual labour for them in future. Why casual labour? You may ask. But remember the education system is having its qualitative fibre devoured at breakneck speed by the powers that be. BEHOLD THE PEARL OF AFRICA!

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Anonymous said...

Does that then say a lot about Museveni. He may not be that "rich"... or is it otherwise

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