Thursday, April 10, 2008

Poisoned chalice?

This morning my anxiety was high because of the screaming headlines on BBC, "Uganda rebels due to sign peace".

I imagined Kony inspecting a guard of honuor prior to signing the agreement at a camp in the jungle town of Ri-Kwangba in southern Sudan, with journalists flashing their cameras at one of the most elusive rebel leaders in History. However, i remembered that the signing was put off last week after Mr or rather Lt. Gen Kony said he was sick. I hoped another excuse wouldn't come up and i still hope by the end of today, a stroke of Kony's pen will mark the end of the insurgency atleast in principle.

This will be good news to the over Two million people were displaced in the conflict, during which the LRA allegedly abducted thousands of children to serve as child soldiers.

However the impediment to this could be the POISONED CHALICE way back in Kampala and at the Hague. I leave it to you to guess what this poisoned chalice is.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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