Monday, April 14, 2008

LRA/GoU peace negotiations: Poison Chalice?

A couple of days ago, i started the poison chalice debate on this blog. Little did i know that indeed the much anticipated signing of the peace agreement between the LRA and GoU was in essence a poisoned chalice.

When the news that Kony had not only declined signing, but had also killed his second in command came in, it just served to confirm my fears.

It reminded me of a publication by Dr. Deborah Goodwin of the Royal Military academy of Sandhurst which i read in my political science class. "A poison Chalice: Negotiating with Extremists" is quite appropriate. But what would you expect if both parties in the negotiation are extremists?

For now lets pray that much as the bushes in northern Uganda are regenerating quite fast due to the raging rains, LRA does not use it as a den to unleash terror on the masses there.


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