Monday, February 4, 2008

The Crisis of Public transport in Northern Uganda

"Fix yourself here"-A passenger seems to be telling another. These folks were my fellow passengers over the weekend as i traveled from Kitgum to Pader in a bid to have a feel of what the local populace goes through while in transit using public means.

Such sights are close to normal in many areas of the Ugandan countryside, but very few of you could have attempted to have a feel of whats its like perching on a truck, clinging to a bicycle or to another luggage. Over the weekend, i not only witnessed, but also had a feel of what its like traveling from Kitgum to Pader and HORRIBLE is the word that can just attempt to describe it. Kids wailing and mothers pleading on their behalf while chicken "wail" in agony. That was the scenario. I had the chance to take a few pics during my journey and share it with you.

My concern though is the crisis of public transport in northern Uganda. Very few entrepreneurs are willing to sink their capital in a transport belt characterized by bad roads. Its a shame that beyond Gulu, there are no tarmac roads . The few that look like tarmac in Kitgum are actually patched roads that always keep the works department of the local government justifying heavy expenditure on road works.

This is therefore a plea for responsive and responsible governance lest road carnage will always be the theme song of the populace up north.

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