Monday, September 7, 2009

The potential inevitability of counterfeit women

Of late, Uganda like many parts of the world is awash with the lucrative yet illegal habit of counterfeiting. From food to beauty products, counterfeits seem to rule. If the high cost of genuine items is the propellor of this industry, then the high cost of bride wealth in some parts of Uganda might soon create the need for counterfeit women who might come on the cheap. I recently had the honour of being part of a high powered lyrically gifted marraige negotiation team, but our attempt was repulsed my the huge material demands of the other side. 33 healthy Zebu cows amongst other items, may be just a pat to the kraal for a pre-1986 Luo pastrolist, but they can crunch most Ugandans. Culture can be so strong to blur reality. It got me thinking about an anti-dote and hey, counterfeit women would be a magic innovation and a more affordable one. Whether or not the multitudes of women wearing synthetic hair and gigantic heeled shoes to disguise their physical deficiencies qualify as counterfeit is debate for another day. If an "investor" can jump onto this idea and "manufacture" counterfeit women, good looking, cosmetic and affordable for the many crunched bachelors, then we would fast track the mitigation of some rampant bachelors and as well mitigate spinsters and cohabitation. Deal?

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