Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Corruption in Uganda: The only dance that has stood the test of time

Today i again reiterate my notion of the struggles of the desparate in uganda and their contribution to fanning corruption. Often times, am left convinced that corruption remains functionally positive for the powers that be. Why? In a society with a ruling group that can do anything to strengthen their grip on power and peripheral group that badly wants to gate-crush into power, morality is hurled to the wind.....unfortunate! As a section of society was left shocked by President Museven's amnesty to the "Big fish" in the NSSF saga, a relatively smaller section was happy that some political god-fathers had been forgiven. On the other hand, some academics were so engrossed in arguing that corruption is a necessary evil as witnessed in its consonance with the history of humanity....Eve, Adam, Jesus' betrayal etc. What a society!
As legislation and institutions waiver at the breath of the "chief', donors under their more romantic title of development partners heap acclaim on the very "chief" for his comitment towards fighting corruption. Sad tale, isn't it?

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