Monday, September 15, 2008

Of Kampala's much-sought-after buses

By now Kampalans who have passed by the constitutional square, especially at rush hours, must have noticed the lengthy fat queues awaiting entry into the "pioneer easy bus" buses.......while the taxi conductors jealously look on. It is clear there is a huge demand for these services majorly because of the lower charges in contrast with taxis. This leaves me wondering why more buses are not brought in. Imagine, when i move by these buses from town to Mutungo, i save 500 shillings as opposed to taxis. Am reliably informed that the savings of my folks from Gayaza actually doubles mine courtesy of these orange buses. Am yet to present graphical images of these queues, but for now...this is adequate for letting the powers that be, or their proxies know the urgency of these bus services. May we see more buses in the near future....Amen!

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