Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Caught up between the state and the rebels

A womans pleads with the Uganda Security forces in Lira. Begging them to stop shooting in the crowd. The Villages were rioting after a Massacre of over 250 People by the LRA. Barlonyo Massacre.The woman lost his son to the LRA and later lost a sister to the Government anti Riot Security Forces.
There is considerable anger and anguish amoungs the people. They accussed the Government of failure to protect them from the LRA. The after Math of the LRA attack caused farther retribution deaths to certain Acholi tribe members in lira. The LRA which is attributed to be an ACHOLI creation caused the people to avenge on any acholi who seemed to be linked to LRA. This farther created a divide between the people of Acholi and the Lango tribe in Lira. Very Sad and Tragic.

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